Temple Street, Hong Kong |  Watercolour

Temple Street, Hong Kong | Watercolour

Tel Aviv Days |  Gouache

Tel Aviv Days | Gouache

By The Bosphorous |  Watercolour

By The Bosphorous | Watercolour


Comics & Graphic Essays


Sexual Harassment in India: An Illustrated Essay Published on the Indian Cultural Forum and Drawing the Times.

My Friend, Supriya Page One of an illustrated essay on friendship and mental illness. [Personal Project]

Cash Only, Please A comic about frequently finding myself cashless in a country that is still pretty cash-dependent.


Charcoal & Pastel Works


Illustrations Depicting the Pervasive Nature of Sexual Assault


“How were you dressed?” the victim is questioned. “Were you under the influence of alcohol? Why were you out with a bunch of guys so late at night?”
The thing is, it shouldn’t matter what she was wearing or drinking. Because oftentimes, it doesn’t.

Every single time a woman undergoes sexual assault and is blamed for provoking it, every time we misuse the assault to justify restraining and curbing women’s independence, what we are doing is choosing to dismiss the incredibly pervasive nature of the crime. In reality, sexual assault occurs regardless of age, nationality, religion or clothing. And it is never the victim’s fault.

Published on The Hindu thREAD.


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